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About us

Our company

MARPANEL is a distributor of Polish sandwich and insulation panels, thus our products enjoy a high credibility among the customers. Our experience and traditions allow us to meet all your requirements, guaranteeing the reliability of the solutions offered. As a distributor, with an on the market established position, we are open to price negotiations tailored to your individual expectations. The reliability and trust of our company are confirmed by additional ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.

Technologies and usage

Our products

We offer 1st and 2nd grade PIR sandwich panels and IZOPROOF insulation panels. The production technology of sandwich panels is very modern and advanced, as evidenced by the highest thermo insulation parameters. Nowadays, they are used in industrial, warehouse, agricultural constructions and in the construction of single-family houses.

Płyty warstwowe

Płyta izolacyjna


Structural use

Why our products?

What difference are we from our competitors?

Lead time We guarantee a fast delivery time. Knowing realities, we make every effort to ensure that everything goes according to the plan.
Production We work with the best Polish producer. We attach great importance to every detail, to make even our most demanding customers happy.
Supervision We provide care and control over the correctness, starting with the installation and the usage.
Prices We offer an individual pricing. Favourable prices with the highest quality of products.
Transport Safe and fast transport. Thanks to the logistic possibilities that we have, You can be sure, that the good will arrive intact.
Flexibility A satisfied customer is our most important goal. We adapt to your needs.

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Are you planning to start a new investment? Click and find out how we can help you.