Pitched roofs 

on the rafter system

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  1. Concrete screed
  2. Cut-off layer e.g. from building foil
  3. TermPIR AL or termPIR PK thermal insulation panel with FIT cutter
  4. (second isolation w)
  5. TermPIR AL or termPIR PK thermal insulation panel with FIT cutter
  6. (first water insulation with the possibility of installing the installation)
  7. Damp layer, e.g. roofing felt / waterproofing foil
  8. Concrete underlay
  9. Aggregate foundation

termPIR® Boards – Perfect Insulation for Roofs

Excellent Thermal Insulation:

termPIR® boards are characterized by a very low thermal conductivity coefficient (λ = 0.023 W/mK), which makes them an ideal material for roof insulation. The use of termPIR® boards allows for:

  • Significant reduction in heating costs: Reduction of heat loss through the roof.
  • Increased thermal comfort: Maintaining an optimal temperature inside the building.
  • Elimination of thermal bridges: Prevention of heat loss at the joints of the boards.

Lightweight Construction:

termPIR® boards are very lightweight, which facilitates their transportation and installation. The low weight of the boards does not burden the roof structure.

Wide Range of Applications:

termPIR® boards can be used in various roof insulation systems, including:

  • Rafter insulation: Installation of boards on the roof rafters.
  • Inter-rafter insulation: Installation of boards between the roof rafters.
  • Purlin insulation: Installation of boards under the roof rafters.

Additional Benefits:

termPIR® boards are:

  • Fire resistant: Fire reaction class B-s2, d0.
  • Moisture resistant: They do not absorb water and do not deform.
  • Durable: Resistant to mechanical damage.
  • Ecological: They do not contain harmful substances.

Choose termPIR® boards and opt for a warm, comfortable and energy-efficient home!

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Additional Information:

  • The text can be supplemented with more information about the technical specification of termPIR® boards, such as their available thicknesses, dimensions and core types.
  • You can also add photos or short videos showing the installation of termPIR® boards on roofs.
  • It is also worth mentioning other benefits of using termPIR® boards, such as their acoustic insulation.


The graphic shows an example of the use of termPIR® boards for the insulation of a pitched roof in a rafter system. The boards are mounted on the roof rafters using connectors.


If you have any questions about other applications of termPIR® boards or the installation itself, please contact our Technical and Sales Advisor or the Technical Department.

01. Rafter
02. Insulation boards termPIR®  AL
03. Counter batten
04. Mounting strip
05. Batten
06. Aluminium tape
07. Wind proof (vapour membrne)
08. Roof covering