Ballast roof

dach balastowy ballast roof MarPanel - Плиты сэндвич № 1 - Балластная крыша - термоизоляция - Плиты PIR - плита ПИР - Сэндвич-панель

Ballast roof

  1. Ballast layer
  2. Waterproofing e.g. roofing felt
  3. TermPIR BT thermal insulation panels
  4. Vapor barrier, e.g. vapor barrier membrane / vapor barrier
  5. Reinforced concrete ceiling + falling layer

MARPANEL thermal insulation boards – ideal for roofs and more!

High thermal insulation and a compressive strength of 150 kPa make MARPANEL boards ideal for roofs where additional elements are placed on the insulation layer.

An example application on the roof is shown in the graphic.

Wide range of applications:

MARPANEL Sandwich Panels are a versatile product that can be used in various structural elements, such as:

  • Roofs
  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Floors

Do you have questions about selecting panels for a specific application?

Our experienced Technical Sales Managers and Technical Department will be happy to help you choose the optimal solution. Feel free to contact us!


Why choose MarPanel Sandwich Panels ?

  • High quality: Production from the best materials and attention to detail.
  • Wide choice: Various parameters and thicknesses to suit your needs.
  • Competitive price: Attractive prices for all panels.
  • Professional advice: Assistance in selecting the perfect panels for your project.
  • Trust MARPANEL’s experience and choose panels that will provide you with thermal comfort and durability for years to come!