Ceiling - bottom view

sufit ceiling
  1. GS insPIRe S sandwich panel
  2. Construction screw
  3. Polyethylene sealing tape (PES)
  4. Plate flashing
  5. Flashing the connection of panels with the wall
  6. Ceiling construction

GS sandwich panels – light weight, high potential!

Thanks to their low dead weight, are the ideal solution wherever:

  • Working space is limited and maneuvering large elements is difficult.
  • The entrance to the building prevents the entry of forklifts or cranes.
  • There is a need for quick installation without unnecessary complications.
  • You can install GS panels by hand, without the need for heavy equipment. This saves time and money!
  • Versatility and adaptation to your needs

In addition to their low weight, GS boards also stand out:

  • A wide range of ready-made flashings: They provide an aesthetically pleasing and tight finish to your structure.
  • The possibility of customized flashings: We have experience with custom orders, so you can be sure that GS panels will fit your project perfectly.

With GS you gain:

  • Easy and fast installation even in difficult conditions.
  • Versatility of applications.
  • Aesthetic and durable finish.
  • Professional support at every stage of your project.

Contact us and see how GS sandwich panels can help you!