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ThermPIR panels –  Ceilings between storeys

Enjoy thermal comfort and more space in your home!

TermPIR panels are distinguished by their low thermal conductivity coefficient. This means that less insulation thickness is needed to achieve the same thermal insulation, compared to other materials.

Gain more:

  • Usable space: Smaller insulation thicknesses mean more interior space.
  • Thermal comfort: ThermPIR panels effectively protect against cold in winter and heat in summer.
  • Savings: Less insulation thickness means lower purchase and installation costs.


To insulate the walls of a 100-square-meter house with traditional 20-cm-thick Styrofoam, you need 20 m3 of Styrofoam. Using 10 cm thick ThermPIR boards, the amount of material needed drops to 10 m3. This means saving 50% of usable space and reducing costs by half!

TermPIR boards – ideal solution for:

  • Residential buildings: Single-family houses, multi-family houses, blocks of flats.
  • Public buildings: Hospitals, schools, kindergartens, offices.
  • Industrial facilities: Warehouses, production halls, cold stores.

01. Concrete screed 
02. Cut-off layer, e.g. construction foil
03. termPIR® AL inulation boards
04. Damp
layer, e.g. roofing felt / waterproofing foil
05. Concrete ceiling

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