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ETICS insulation system with termPIR® ETX boards – innovation and high efficiency

Cooperation with Termo Organika has resulted in the creation of a modern thermal insulation system, taking full advantage of the advantages of termPIR® ETX boards. This system is an ideal solution for those looking for:

  • High thermal insulation performance: ThermPIR® ETX panels have a low thermal conductivity coefficient, providing excellent insulation for the building and reducing heating costs.
  • Durability and resilience: An system with termPIR® ETX panels is resistant to weathering and mechanical damage, guaranteeing a long service life.
  • Aesthetics: The system offers a wide selection of plasters and paints, allowing you to customize the facade to suit your individual preferences.

Main system components:

  • ThermPIR® ETX insulation boards: Made of PIR polyurethane foam with excellent insulation properties.
  • Adhesives: For attaching the panels to the substrate.
  • Reinforcing mesh: Provides stability and strength to the entire structure.
  • Plasters and paints: Available in a variety of colors and textures, allowing you to create the facade of your dreams.
  • Accessories: Enable proper installation and finishing of the system.

Advantages of this system with termPIR® ETX panels:

  • High thermal insulation.
  • Durability and resistance.
  • Aesthetics and variety.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Wide range of applications.


This system with termPIR® ETX panels can be used to insulate exterior walls in newly erected buildings, as well as in renovations.


01. Hollow brick wall 
02. Mineral or polyurethane adhesive
03. termPIR® ETX insulation boards glued and attached mechanically*
04. Reinforced fibre mesh, embedded in all- purpose adhesive *
05. Thin plaster coat and render finish 
06. Reinforced concrete tie beam 
07. Reinforced concrete ceiling


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