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ThermPIR® insulation – External Wall – Triple Layer

A wide spectrum of applications:

TermPIR®  insulation is not only an excellent material for insulating exterior walls in two- and three-layer systems. It can also be used for:

  • Insulating roofs: Flat and sloping.
  • Insulating floors: On the ground and interstory ceilings.
  • Insulating interior walls: To improve acoustic comfort.
  • Insulating foundation partitions: Providing protection against heat loss and moisture.

Advantages of termPIR® insulation: 

  • High thermal insulation: The low lambda (λ) of termPIR® insulation makes it possible to achieve optimum thermal insulation with a small thickness of material.
  • Excellent airtightness: Prevents air and moisture from entering the building.
  • Compressive resistance: The compressive strength of termPIR® insulation allows it to be used in a variety of structures.
  • Ease of installation: TermPIR® insulation boards are easy to cut and install, allowing work to be completed quickly.
  • Wide selection of formats: Boards are available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes for customization.

TermPIR® insulation is an investment in the future:

  • Save on heating costs: High thermal insulation translates into lower heating bills.
  • Thermal comfort: termPIR® insulation ensures a comfortable indoor temperature all year round.
  • Environmental protection: Reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment.

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