Flat roofs and terraces 

mechanically mounted

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TermPIR® panels – the ideal solution for flat roofs

High thermal insulation: 

termPIR® boards have a low thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) – 0.022 W/mK. This means that they provide excellent thermal insulation, which translates into:

  • Lower energy consumption: Lower demand for heating and air conditioning, which generates savings in the budget.
  • Thermal comfort: Maintaining an optimal indoor temperature throughout the year.

Water resistance: 

The low absorbency of termPIR® panels (less than 2%) makes them resistant to water and moisture. This makes them ideal for use on flat roofs where they are exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Installation versatility:

  • TermPIR® panels can be installed on various substrates, such as:
  • Trapezoidal sheet: The most common solution in industrial and commercial construction.
  • Reinforced concrete floor: Ideal for residential construction.


Compatibility with roofing systems: 

TermPIR® panels are compatible with a wide range of vapor and waterproofing membranes, including thermo-weldable membranes. This makes it possible to create a tight and durable roof system.

Advantages of termPIR® panels at a glance:

  • High thermal insulation performance.
  • Resistance to water.
  • Versatility of installation.
  • Compatibility with roofing systems.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Long service life.

Choose termPIR® panels and bet on the comfort, savings and durability of your roof!

01. Waterproofing (PCV membrane)
02. termPIR® AL / termPIR® BT boards – sloping layer
03. termPIR® AL / termPIR® BT boards – appropriate insulation
04. Vapor barrier
05. Support layer (trapezoidal metal sheet)

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