Floor on the ground - single layer insulation

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  1. Concrete screed
  2. Cut-off layer, e.g. construction foil
  3. TermPIR AL or termPIR PK thermal insulation panel with LAP or TAG cutter
  4. Damp layer, e.g. roofing felt / waterproofing foil
  5. Concrete underlay
  6. Aggregate foundation

Precise Cutouts – The Key to Quick Replacement:

The use of thermal insulation boards with precisely made cutouts enables quick and trouble-free replacement of single-layer insulation with two-layer insulation. This solution allows for:

  • Shorter partition construction time: Eliminates the need to dismantle the existing insulation, which significantly speeds up the entire process.
  • Cost savings: Reduces the amount of waste and auxiliary materials, which lowers the investment costs.
  • Improved thermal insulation: Double the insulation layer provides better protection against heat loss.

Tightness and Durability:

Dedicated assembly accessories available in the company’s offer guarantee the tightness of the thermal insulation layer, which translates to:

  • Increased energy efficiency: Prevents the formation of thermal bridges that lead to heat loss.
  • Protection against moisture: Protects the insulation from moisture, which extends its lifespan.
  • Higher structural durability: Prevents corrosion of structural elements.

Universal Application:

The presented solution can be used in various types of buildings, both residential and industrial.


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Choose precise thermal insulation boards and opt for quick, efficient and durable insulation replacement in your building!

Additional Information:

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The graphic shows an example of the use of thermal insulation boards to replace insulation on the external wall of a building. The boards are attached to the load-bearing structure using dedicated mounting pins.


If you have any questions about other possible applications of thermal insulation boards, please contact our Technical Sales Manager or Technical Department.