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PIR Insulation Boards for Floors – Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency


Energy Saving and Thermal Comfort:

PIR insulation boards are an excellent choice for floor insulation in energy-efficient homes. Their low thermal conductivity coefficient (λ) of 0.022 W/mK ensures excellent thermal insulation, which translates to:

  • Reduced heat loss: Maintaining optimum temperature inside the building throughout the year.
  • Heating savings: Lower heating bills.
  • Thermal comfort: No feeling of cold from the floor.

Easy Installation:

PIR insulation boards are lightweight and easy to cut, making them quick and easy to install. They are suitable for floor insulation:

  • On the ground: Ideal solution for single-storey buildings.
  • On the ceiling: Excellent choice for multi-storey buildings.

Universal Application:

PIR insulation boards are available in various thicknesses and formats, allowing them to be adapted to individual project requirements. They can be used with various underfloor heating systems.

Additional Advantages:

  • High compressive strength: They withstand high loads.
  • Moisture resistance: They do not absorb water.
  • Long service life: They retain their properties for many years.

Choose PIR boards and opt for comfort, savings and durability of floor insulation in your home!

Additional Information:

  • The text can be supplemented with more information about the technical specification of PIR boards, such as their fire reaction class and available installation accessories.
  • You can also add photos or short videos showing the installation of PIR boards on the floor.
  • It is also worth mentioning other benefits of using boards, such as their acoustic insulation and safety of use.


The graphic shows an example of using boards for floor insulation on the ground. The boards are placed on a layer of bedding and finished with a screed.


If you have any questions about other possible applications of PIR boards, please contact our technical advisor.