Green roof

green roof Плиты сэндвич
  1. Vegetative layers
  2. Waterproofing e.g. PVC membrane, TPO, FPO
  3. TermPIR BT thermal insulation panels
  4. Vapor barrier, e.g. vapor barrier membrane / vapor barrier
  5. Reinforced concrete ceiling + falling layer

Thermal insulation panels 

High thermal insulation and a compressive strength of 150 kPa make thermal insulation panels ideal for roofs where additional layers are used to weigh down the thermal insulation layer.


Advantages of thermal insulation panels:


High thermal insulation: thermal insulation panels effectively protect against heat loss in winter and against excessive heating in summer.

Compressive strength: Thermal insulation panels can withstand heavy loads, making them ideal for roofs with additional layers, such as gravel, greenery, photovoltaic panels.

Ease of installation: Thermal insulation panels are easy and quick to install, saving time and money.

Lightweight construction: Thermal insulation panels are lightweight, which does not weigh down the roof structure.

Weatherproof: Thermal insulation panels are resistant to weather conditions such as rain, snow and UV rays.

Wide choice: Thermal insulation panels are available in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and properties to suit individual needs.

Application of thermal insulation panels:


Flat roofs: Thermal insulation panels are ideal for flat roofs where high thermal insulation and load resistance are required.

Sloped roofs: Thermal insulation panels can also be used on pitched roofs as an insulating layer.

Other applications: Thermal insulation panels can also be used to insulate walls, floors and ceilings.

Green Roof

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