Outer wall - vertical arrangement of plates

ściana zewnętrzna MarPanel - Sandwich Panels - Outer Wall - Vertical Arrangement of Plates - GS Inspire U - Pir Boards наружная стена вертикальное располо - MarPanel - Плиты сэндвич № 1 - Балластная крыша - термоизоляция - Плиты PIR - плита ПИР
  1. GS insPIRe U sandwich panel
  2. Construction screw + washer PM-1
  3. Polyethylene sealing tape (PES)
  4. Flashings the foundations
  5. Corner flashing
  6. Construction for sandwich panels
  7. Construction of the object

GS insPIRe U with Concealed Fasteners – Aesthetics and Functionality

Elegant and Modern Facades:

GS insPIRe U with concealed fasteners are the ideal solution for investors who value the aesthetics and modern design of the facade. Concealed fasteners give the facade a smooth and uniform appearance, which emphasizes the prestige of the building.

Excellent Tightness and Insulation:

The use of dedicated trims and assembly accessories from MARPANEL guarantees:

  • High tightness of the facade: Protection against wind, rain and snow.
  • Excellent thermal insulation: Reduction of heat loss and heating costs.
  • Durability and aesthetics of the facade: Resistance to corrosion and weather conditions.

Easy and Quick Assembly:

The GS insPIRe Uassembly system with concealed fasteners is easy and quick, which allows for:

  • Saving time and assembly costs: Shorter construction time and lower costs.
  • High quality of workmanship: Assembly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Universal Application:

GS insPIRe U with concealed fasteners can be used for the construction of:

  • External walls
  • Roofs
  • Ceilings

in buildings for various purposes, such as:

  • Residential buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Industrial buildings

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Choose GS insPIRe U and opt for aesthetics, functionality and high quality of your building’s facade!