Outer walls of livestock facilities

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Outer walls of livestock facilities
  1. GS insPIRe S sandwich panel
  2. Construction screw
  3. Polyethylene sealing tape (PES)
  4. Flashings the foundations
  5. Plate flashing
  6. Corner flashing
  7. Construction of the object

GS insPIRe S with Visible Fasteners – Economical and Durable Solution for Agricultural Buildings

Cost and Strength Optimization:

GS insPIRe S with visible fasteners are an economical solution that also provides high strength. The use of this type of panels in agricultural construction allows for:

  • Cost savings: Lower purchase and installation costs compared to hidden-fastener panels.
  • High strength: Resistance to high loads and weather conditions.
  • Quick assembly: Easy and intuitive assembly that does not require specialized tools.

Resistance to Aggressive Environment:

MARPANEL offers the possibility of manufacturing internal cladding made of sheets with increased resistance to the aggressive internal environment of agricultural buildings. Such sheets:

  • Corrosion resistant: Protect panels from the harmful effects of ammonia and other chemicals.
  • Easy to clean: Smooth surface makes it easy to remove dirt and disinfect.
  • Durable: Ensures the longevity of the structure.

Universal Application:

GS insPIRe S with visible fasteners can be used for the construction of:

  • External walls
  • Internal walls
  • Roofs
  • Ceilings

in agricultural buildings, such as:

  • Barns
  • Pigsties
  • Poultry houses

Trust our experience and choose GS insPIRe S panels – an economical, durable and aggressive environment resistant solution for your agricultural building!

Additional Information:

  • The text can be supplemented with more information about the technical specification of GS insPIRe S panels, such as their thickness, available colors and core types.
  • You can also add photos or short videos showing the installation of GS insPIRe S panels in agricultural buildings.
  • It is also worth mentioning other benefits of using GS insPIRe S panels in agricultural construction, such as their thermal and acoustic insulation.


The graphic shows an example of the use of GS insPIRe S panels for the construction of the external wall of a barn. The panels are attached to the load-bearing structure using visible screws.


If you have any questions about other applications of GS or the installation itself, please contact our Technical and Sales Advisor or the Technical Department.

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