Roof made of sandwich panels - ridge

dach z płyt warstwowych MarPanel - Sandwich Panels - Roof Made of Sandwich Panels Ridge - Pir Boards - Pir Board Крыша из сэндвич панелей - MarPanel - Плиты сэндвич № 1 - Балластная крыша - термоизоляция - Плиты PIR - плита ПИР
  1. GS PIR sandwich panel D
  2. Construction screw + calotte
  3. Roof ridge flashings
  4. Roof flashing
  5. Construction of the object

Wide Range of Flashings and Accessories for GS Sandwich Panels

Comprehensive solutions for your project:

In addition to a wide range of GS panels, we also offer:

  • Standard flashings: Ready-made elements for finishing walls, roofs and other structural elements.
  • Custom mechanical processing: Possibility of manufacturing non-standard flashings according to an individual project.
  • Complete accessory kits: All necessary elements for the installation of sandwich panels, such as screws, bolts, dowels, gaskets and tapes.

Benefits of a comprehensive solution:

  • Tightness: Prevention of water and air ingress into the building.
  • Weather resistance: Protection of the structure against atmospheric factors.
  • High aesthetics: Elegant and aesthetic finish of the building.
  • Time and cost savings: Integrated solutions streamline installation and reduce costs.

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Additional information:

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The graphic shows an example of the use of flashings and accessories for finishing the roof of GS panels. The roof is equipped with gutters, ridge and chimney flashings, as well as skylights.


If you have any questions about other applications of GS panels or the installation itself, please contact our Technical and Sales Advisor or the Technical Department.

Trust MARPANEL’s experience and choose comprehensive solutions for your project!