Roof made of sandwich panels - slope

dach z płyt warstwowych Roof Made of Sandwich Panels - Slope - MarPanel - Pir Boards - Sandwich Panels - Top Sheet - Pir D Core Крыша из сэндвич панелей - скат крыши
  1. GS PIR sandwich panel D
  2. Construction screw + calotte
  3. Roof flashing
  4. Construction of the object

GS PIR D Sandwich Panels with Trapezoidal Top Sheet – Ideal Roof Covering

Quick installation and high load-bearing capacity:

GS PIR D sandwich panels with trapezoidal top sheet are an excellent solution for roofs of buildings with various purposes. Their use allows for:

  • Quick installation: Easy and fast installation of panels on the roof structure.
  • High load-bearing capacity: Ability to carry dead load and climatic loads such as snow and wind.
  • Structure optimization: The low dead weight of the panels does not excessively load the building structure.

Excellent thermal insulation:

The PIR D core is characterized by a very low thermal conductivity coefficient (λ = 0.023 W/mK), which ensures:

  • High thermal insulation: Prevention of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.
  • Energy saving: Reduction of heating and cooling costs.
  • Thermal comfort: Maintaining an optimal temperature inside the building.

Wide application:

GS PIR D sandwich panels with trapezoidal top sheet can be used in construction:

  • Industrial: Warehouses, production halls, cold stores.
  • Commercial: Shopping centers, supermarkets, stores.
  • Service: Offices, hotels, sports facilities.
  • Agricultural: Livestock buildings, grain stores.

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Additional information:

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  • It is also worth mentioning other benefits of using GS PIR D panels, such as their fire and acoustic resistance.


The graphic shows an example of the use of GS PIR D panels for the construction of a warehouse roof. The panels are mounted on a steel structure using connectors.


If you have any questions about other applications of GS sandwich panels or the installation itself, please contact our Technical and Sales Advisor or the Technical Department.

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