Suspended ceiling - boards with a FIT milling

sufit podwieszany Suspended Ceiling - Boards with a Fit Milling - Sandwich Panels - Pir Boards - Pir Panels - MarPanel
  1. Thermal insulation panel termPIR® AGRO AL or termPIR® AGRO P
  2. Dedicated profile for connecting panels made of PVC
  3. Hanger for fixing PVC profiles
  4. Dedicated profile made of PVC
  5. System connector for fixing thermal insulation (screw + sleeve), providing additional protection. It is recommended to use on every other support

MARPANEL: Durable Insulation Solutions for Livestock Buildings

MARPANEL’s Livestock Ceiling Panels:

  • Built for Harsh Conditions: The panels feature increased resistance to the harsh internal environment of livestock buildings, including ammonia and other elements.
  • Easy to Clean: The linings can be washed with running water, allowing for easy maintenance and hygiene control.
  • FIT Cutter Compatibility: For panels with a FIT cutter (specific groove or notch),専用の (senyo = dedicated) mounting profiles are available from MARPANEL to ensure proper fixation.

Visual Example and Additional Support:

  • The provided graphic showcases one way to install these panels for a ceiling application.
  • MARPANEL acknowledges there might be other use cases for these panels.

Contacting MARPANEL for further assistance:

  • Technical Sales Manager: This specialist can provide personalized recommendations on using these panels in your specific livestock building project.
  • Technical Department: This department has the technical expertise to answer any questions you might have about the panels and their installation.

Overall, MARPANEL’s livestock building ceiling panels offer a practical solution for maintaining hygiene and thermal comfort in your animal housing facilities.