Suspended ceiling - boards with a TAG or LAP milling

Sufit Podwieszany Suspended Ceiling Boards with a Tag or Lap Milling - Sandwich Panels - Sandwich Panel - Pir Boards - Pir Panels Подвесной потолок
  1. Thermal insulation panel termPIR® AGRO AL or termPIR® AGRO P
  2. System connector for fixing thermal insulation (screw + sleeve)
  3. Dedicated profile made of PVC

MARPANEL’s Livestock Ceiling Panels: Durable and Hygienic Insulation

Ideal for Livestock Buildings:

  • Durable Linings: The panels boast increased resistance to the harsh internal environment of livestock buildings, including ammonia and other aggressive elements.
  • Easy Maintenance: The ability to wash the linings with running water simplifies cleaning and promotes hygiene control within the building.

Versatility and Support:

  • Multiple Applications: While the graphic showcases a ceiling application, MARPANEL acknowledges these panels may have other uses.
  • Technical Expertise: Contact MARPANEL’s specialists for further assistance:
    • Technical Sales Manager: Get personalized recommendations on incorporating these panels into your livestock building project.
    • Technical Department: Their team can answer any technical questions you have about the panels and their installation process.

Overall, MARPANEL’s livestock ceiling panels are a practical solution for maintaining hygiene and thermal comfort while ensuring long-lasting performance in animal housing facilities.