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MARPANEL’s Livestock Ceiling Insulation Boards: Built to Withstand the Challenge

  • Livestock-Friendly Design:
    • The boards are built with durable linings that resist the harsh internal environment of livestock buildings, including ammonia and other aggressive elements. This ensures long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance needs.
  • Enhanced Hygiene:
    • A significant advantage is the ability to wash the boards with running water. This simplifies cleaning and promotes good hygiene control within the building, which is crucial for animal health.

Focus on Functionality:

  • The text avoids mentioning the graphic since it doesn’t directly explain the product’s benefits.

Direct and Clear Communication:

The text focuses on the core functionalities of the insulation boards, making it easy for farmers and those involved in livestock buildings to understand the product’s value proposition.

Potential for Further Inquiry:

While the text emphasizes the core advantages, it doesn’t mention other applications or technical details. This can encourage potential customers to:

  • Contact MARPANEL for further information on alternative uses for the boards in their buildings.
  • Reach out to the company’s technical department if they have specific questions about the boards’ properties or installation process.

Overall, MARPANEL’s livestock ceiling insulation boards present a practical and hygienic solution for maintaining animal comfort and building longevity in livestock facilities.


01. Rafters
02. Frame hanger
03. Frame 
04.  termPIR®   AGRO AL,  termPIR®   AGRO P insulation boards 
05. PVC profile masking the connection of boards
06. Steel screw with washer and PVC plug
07. Bearing wall